Glenn T. Barger, Esq.

Mediator  •    Special Master

Subrogation, Inverse Condemnation, Indemnity, Duty to Defend


  • Multiple subrogation matters arising out of product issues related to stoves, refrigerators, grills, plumbing lines and fixtures.

  • Multiple subrogation matters involving fires, slope failure and flooding.

  • Multiple inverse condemnation matters involving fires, mudslides and flooding involving governmental and private entities, including recovery of attorney fees.

  • Significant experience with express, equitable and implied indemnity, contribution and declaratory relief related to bodily injury and property damage claims, including allocation issues in admitted liability matters between co-defendants.

  • Coverage disputes involving duty to defend, time on risk and policy exclusions.

  • Duty to defend matters related to additional insured endorsements.

  • Matters involving alleged bad faith.